Ghostwriting Services

Pricing for ghostwriting projects varies depending on the genre of the project, the project’s length, and the time frame allotted. We do not ghostwrite academic or medical work.

A phone consultation is required before purchasing to discuss the amount of involvement your ghostwriter will need to have with you as the project progresses.

Payment Plans are available for ghostwriting clients.

Clients keep all post publication profits and royalties. A scheduled and signed contract must be signed by the client. A Non-Disclosure Agreement can be signed upon request.

Full-Length Manuscripts: A 200 – 300 page manuscript to be completed in approximately six months starts at $18,000.

Manuscript Proposal: 30 to 50 pages including two sample chapters, an outline, a market analysis, and a query letter start at $6,000.

Novelty Book, Short Story Collection, Novella, or Pocketbook: A 100 page manuscript can be written in three months. Prices start at $9,000. This price allows for up to 12 illustrations.

Screenplays: A screenplay running two hours in length with a deadline at least five months away starts at $16,000.

How to Keep Ghostwriting Costs Down:

  • Have a rough draft/outline.
  • Have a completed manuscript.
  • Know your audience.
  • Allot the ghostwriter time to do research.
  • Limit the amount of illustrations.
  • Non-fiction work costs less to ghostwrite than fiction.

5 Responses to Ghostwriting Services

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  2. fargazer says:

    Pretty smart! I used to do this a lot back in college, except I always shied out on naming my price to friends. If I’d only known, I could’ve charged more.

  3. sms425 says:

    This is a great post. Very informative and I have always love the idea of ghost writing. I shall have to research the concept more. Thanks for sharing this post!

  4. soad88 says:

    wow… brother owes me a lot of money……..

  5. Wow, I’ve been wanting to get into Ghostwriting for a while and couldn’t find any straight-forward details, such as these. Then I found what I needed by accident! Thanks, wetinkpresspublishing!

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