A fantastic writing contest for YA and Sci-Fi writers!

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I just wanted to share with my writer friends a contest that I learned about on Facebook. It’s the Dear Lucky Agent contest sponsored by GLA (Guide to Literary Agents) and Writer’s Digest. Each year they change the genre. This time they are accepting young adult fiction and sci-fi. The deadline is January 31, 2013, so if you have something that’s ready (or can be ready in under two weeks), this sounds like a good opportunity. Apparently last year’s winner signed with an agent who sold the book. Now there’s incentive to enter a contest. The best part? It’s free! The blog that this link takes you to looks like it might be a good one to subscribe to or bookmark too: http://tinyurl.com/a8msdw2

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  1. Good luck with the contest and thanks for following my blog.

  2. jennymiller62 says:

    I wish I had found out about this earlier, because I write in ya, scifi and fantasy. Oh well. There will be other contests. Thanks for following my blog!

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